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  • Applications/System Programming
  • Object Oriented Design & Development
  • Mainframe Legacy Systems Maintenance
  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Application and Content Management
  • Relational Database Design/Development
  • Quality Assurance/Porting
  • Network Architecture, Planning, Development and Implementation
  • Implementation of ERP Solution


  • Senior level
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 From initial consultation and throughout the working partnership Vwin is constantly looking at ways to customize client services to more effectively integrate into your Recruitment process. The board range of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services offered by Vwin are designed to reduce the amount of time Recruiters spend on non-core Recruitment activity.

 Candidate Generation (RPO)

  • Job Board CV / Resume Database Searching
  • Head Hunt Research
  • Candidate Screening & Response  Management (RPO)
  • CV / Resume Screening
  • CV / Resume Processing

Searching Job Board CV / Resume Databases and Internal Database (Recruitment Systems) is an extremely important element within the Candidate Generation process. By outsourcing this function to Data Glove, Recruiters avoid wasting valuable hours screening unsuitable candidates and allowing “core recruitment” activity to focus on speaking with those candidates that have the necessary credentials for the job.

Job Board – CV / Resume Database Searching

Job-Board CV / Resume database searching is singularly the most time-consuming. Candidates generation task undertaken by Recruiters.  Vwin Researchers are experts in searching Job Board CV / Resume databases and subscribe to many of the leading Job Board CV / Resume Database Services available  in India


Recruiters are often inundated  by CV / Resume response when advertising  on Job Boards. According to industry statistics, as many as 90% of all CVs / Resumes received by Recruiters are unsuitable for the advertised vacancy. Clearly, screening CV’s / Résumé’s costs the recruiter a lot of time when their focus should be on core Recruitment activities.

When outsourcing your CV / Resume Screening  to Vwin, a specialist Researcher with  specific sector experience will read each  CV / Resume to evaluate relevance to  the job specification. Unlike automated screening  tools our Researchers can both read between  the lines and check for non-quantitative  attributes.

From basic sorting through to detailed  pre-screening, including; online application forms,  questionnaires & tests, Vwin can organize  candidates CV’s / Résumé’s in relation  to key criteria or can rank them  in order of merit.

Outsourcing your CV / Resume-screening requirements to Vwin means that we create the short-lists, so you can concentrate on doing what’s important- managing the right candidate for the right job


At Vwin, we can process CVs  / Resumes received by e-mail, fax, post  and other conventional sources, and convert  this data into the electronic format most  convenient for you. Vwin’s process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and scanning provides full text-verification to ensure the most effective “key word” search accuracy. Once converted, we will transmit the data for uploading on to your Recruitment system.